Brett Allen Morgan is a talented singer/songwriter who thrives on delivering a dynamic live performance. He brings over 20 years of music industry experience to the stage and has toured all over the U.S. and Canada. Brett’s new release “Second Chances” showcases his skill for crafting songs with lyrics that hit home. His live performances contain his own home grown tunes melded with top 40 country hits.

As a songwriter:

Brett Allen Morgan blends powerful lyrics with a solid contemporary country feel and melodies that are as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes. Many songs he writes are drawn from real life situations and experiences, each with a moral to consider, a point to ponder or a message for the listener to behold.

As a performer:

Brett uses his God given gifts and warm personality to really connect with an audience. His high energy meshed with gentle wit coaxes people to flow with the show. Many times they may even find themselves directly involved right on the stage. Whether Mr. Morgan is with a back up band or combining his singing and guitar playing with a “virtual band”, the results are always a toe tapping, hand clapping good time.

As a human being:

Always eager to help and encourage others to find their unearthed truth, Brett has used his musical and production abilities to draw the best out of folks. The compact disc “Daddy Can We Do That Again” has been used both to raise money for breast cancer research and to aid a close friend in discovering her own talents while healing from the loss of her Mom. On the new CD “Second Chances” Morgan includes two songs that were co-written with two young students he is privileged to mentor. Brett has a thriving private music education service and enjoys the journey of teaching others to discover their full potential.

As a student:

In addition to being the teacher, Brett Allen is also a firm believer in being the perpetual student. He is currently studying advanced music theory and guitar styles with guitar virtuoso Max Shang. Morgan also studies voice with opera singer Lydia Howery, who holds degrees in music,dance and voice from the Boston Conservatory. Finally, Brett is enrolled at SongU.com, an online university that is leading the way in online song writing and music industry education.

As a visionary:

Brett is constantly thinking of the future with enthusiasm and excitement. In fact, his mantra states his intentions very clearly; “Your future is all in your mind – THINK ABOUT IT!” Brett has plans to continue learning and growing by reading and knowing. He expects to continue writing good music and bring smiles to many audiences, as he shares his zest for life from a stage near you!

Follow Brett on his web site:  www.brettallenmorgan.com
On the site you will find videos, sample music, and much more.

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The Mercer Memorial Day 500
back again in 2017! 
Join us at the bandstand on the courthouse lawn for a great FREE concert prior to the annual Memorial Day parade. Concert begins at approximately 9:45 a.m.,
parade at 11:00 a. m.
Boom Bam Shazam!!
A song that Brett co-wrote with Joyce Jackal of Mercer PA (also a MMD 500 committee member) featuring the always awesome Todd Kilgore on bass!! This song was performed LIVE for the 1st time ever at the MERCER MEMORIAL DAY 500!!                
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